Classical Pilates
Private and Group Lessons.
Greenhithe, AUCKLAND

Mangawhai, NORTHLAND

    Q. How does one get started?
A. Contact Classical Pilates on (09)4138238. If a class is in progress leave a message and a contact phone number and someone from Classical Pilates will contact you asap.

Q. How long are the classes?
A. One (1) hour long.

Q. What clothing do I wear?
A. Clothing you feel comfortable in.

Q. How fit do I need to be to get started?
A. This is not an issue at all, because all Classical Pilates movement caters to the individual.

Q. Are there levels in Classical Pilates?
A. Most pilates studios have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Here at Classical Pilates we have no such distinctions because Classical Pilates is a challenge for everyone. Why? You start where you are at present, then realistically and safely challenge yourself to go further because Classical Pilates caters to the individual even in a class situation.

Q. How will I feel after each session?
A. You will most likely feel engaged, have greater body awareness, insight into efficient breathing, correct postural alignment (feeling taller) and feelings such as - I am so glad I did it - I felt I really challenged myself - I never would have thought I could do this - This is a very real sense of achievement both physically and mentally.

Q. Am I too old or too young?
A. This is an irrelevancy. Chronological age is just a number. JP said " You are as young or old as the amount of flexibility (movement) in your spine" At Classical pilates, we have people from 12 - 78 years of age.
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