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Suspension Fitness

It is a comprehensive MOVEMENT SYSTEM using a silk hammock allowing you to work safely against gravity while suspended
Zero compression inversion aids release and lengthening of the spine and increased joint mobility.
Using the hammock builds CORE strength, promotes postural alignment and facilitates effective and efficient breathing.

What are the UNIQUE benefits of SUSPENSION FITNESS?
* Improved flexibility, agility, strength and stamina
* A Toned body
* Injury prevention and recovery
* Tension release in the neck and spine
* Improved joint mobility – shoulders, spine, hip, knees, ankle joints, wrists
* Mental focus by precise, flowing and deliberate movement
* Mental relaxation and a feeling of spiritual wellbeing post workout

What does ZERO COMPRESSION INVERSION do at a physiological level?
* Decompresses and hydrates inter-vertebral discs
* Realigns the spine and sustains it by musculo-skeletal strengthening
* Revitalizes the lymphatic, digestion, circulatory systems
* Releases “happy” hormones – serotonin, endorphins ……

EVERYONE! SUSPENSION FITNESS accommodates all levels of fitness and ability
You leave SUSPENSION FITNESS classes feeling lighter, relaxed, elongated and walking tall. You will be truly inspired to continue because whilst challenging, SUSPENSION FITNESS is fun!

Who is your teacher?
Phillipa Maria Hamblin is the only qualified Suspension Fitness (SF) instructor in New Zealand trained by Christopher Harrison, original creator and founder of Antigravity Yoga (AGY), U.S.A.
She specializes in individualized programmes, ranging from rehabilitation through to restorative and elite athleticism across all sports codes.
She is also an advanced Classical Pilates instructor and has been teaching for past 15 years out of two studios, one on the North Shore, Auckland and the other in Mangawhai, Northland.

Get Ready to Fly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Q: Can anyone do SUSPENSION FITNESS (SF)?
A: YES! Your programme will be tailored according to Personal Goals and Medical history

2. Q: Will I be successful in my first class?
A: YES! Everyone leave the class with a feeling of success! This is a SF with deep philosophy. There is no competition, no ego and everyone works at their own pace.

3. Q: Do I need to be physically fit?
A: NO, because the SF hammock supports you in your poses and you are encouraged to work at a level that feels natural to you.

4. Q: How hard is SF?
A: Each class is as hard or as easy as one chooses to work and each personal programme consisting of stepping stone movements is designed to suit the individual.

5. Q: I am pregnant, have a medical condition or injury - can I do SF?
A: SF contains a strong restorative component. To ensure the best outcome we will need to know if Pregnancy, glaucoma, recent surgery(shoulder, eyes, back, hip, hands, wrists),very high/low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, severe arthritis, heart disease, artificial hips, recent head injury.

6. Q: What should I wear?
A: Wear workout clothing that covers the arms and legs. Cotton fabric is best (non- slippery) and reasonably fitting as you will be upside down. No jewellery

7. Q: What should I bring?
A: An open mind.

8. Q: Should I come on an empty stomach?
A: A full meal is not recommended.

9. Q: Will I get dizzy when suspended upside down?
A: Possibly, but there are always safeguards, monitoring in place, ginger candy and

you do become accustomed to upside down suspension.
10. Q: How will I feel after a SF class?
A: Taller, lighter, refreshed, pumped (muscles), relaxed, at ease

11. Q: Will the SF hammock hold me?
A: Every component part of the SF hammock is rated well over 900kg.

12. Q: What if I am afraid?
A: The difference between fear and excitement in the body is relaxation. During an inversion
you are only 7cm off the ground. Remember Roosevelt said " There is nothing to fear but
fear itself "and Eleanor Roosevelt said" Do something every day that truly scares you ".

You CAN do it
  13. Q: Can SF techniques alleviate back pain?
A: There have been countless testimonials of healing through SF Zero Compression Inversion and concrete evidence of this being gathered through empirical studies. Until then you will only know by coming to class, so. .
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