Classical Pilates
Private and Group Lessons.
Greenhithe, AUCKLAND

Mangawhai, NORTHLAND

Penelope Daddy - Biology teacher, martial arts exponent, surf life saver at Piha.
At 47 years of age and undergoing treatment for an old back injury and weak abdominals after major surgery and being 9 kgs overweight, I started doing Classical Pilates. Now my back pain has all but disappeared enabling me to participate fully in the many physical activities I love.
I have been able to get back to martial arts again and continue surf life saving at Piha. It also feels great to be able to wear fitted dresses again now that I have lost weight and become more toned. I live across the other side of Auckland, but have so much faith in classes with Phillipa that despite working full time, I battle Auckland traffic to get to her classes three times a week.

Tim Warne - Airline pilot, rugby player, amateur latin dancer.

I have been physically very active since a child. However, along the way I developed numerous aches and pains, to the point where surgery options for the knee and shoulder were considered. As a last resort on recommendation from one of her clients, I decided to give Classical Pilates at Phillipa's a go. Through doing pilates with Phillipa, I quickly realized that I lacked CORE strength and had quite significant muscle imbalances due to overemphasis on certain muscle groups from the sports I play, causing severe joint impingement and stress. With Phillipa's assistance, the logic of pilates exercises has become very clear and my serious aches and pains have disappeared and there is certainly no more talk of surgery. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sarah Marr - a dancer.
I first discovered Classical Pilates through dance. As a dancer, I believed myself to be fit, flexible and strong but injuries to my ankles and hips and back made me realize that some ballet techniques had caused hip and spinal distortions. Thus I started Pilates with Phillipa on the advice of my ballet teacher. It was important in my decision that Phillipa herself has a dance background so would understand my needs. It soon became apparent that despite my flexibility and strength, I needed to develop far more body awareness, CORE strength and mental application. Phillipa astounds me with the way she encourages her students to work their bodies intelligently. More importantly she is so in tune with the individual needs of her students - I am now hooked for life.

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